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September Meeting - Wexford Airport (4SC7) - 9/18/2016

Inside the Self's  Hangar
Lunch Inside Leonard & Kathy Self's Hangar at Wexford Airpark

     Our September meeting was held on Sunday, September 18th, 2016 at Wexford Airpark (4SC7) at the hangar/home of Leonard and Kathy Self. They went "all out" to have a great meeting and served a wonderful meal of BBQ pork, baked chicken, baked beans, cheese macaroni, various other dishes, tea, lemonade, soft drinks, and desserts. Several members also brought items, especially desserts. Later in the day, they had arranged a presentation by Jim Wilson of Cross, SC. Jim and his wife, Ilene, own Crosswinds Airport (SC37). Jim gave us the extensive history behind his current 1928 Travelair project. He started with practically nothing and now has a nearly complete aircraft and an extensive history on it obtained through much perseverance. He further described some unique construction techniques which demonstrate his imagination and creativity. Jim and Ilene also own a grand old 1936 Waco biplane, which they flew into the meeting. Approximately 60 people and 21 aircraft attended the event, all of whom had a great time.  It was one of our best and most well attended events thus far this year. Thanks Leonard and Kathy for a great event! Click the photo above for a larger version. You can also find more information and photos on our Facebook page at

August Meeting - Pelion Airport (6J0) - 8/21/2016

Crippled Skyranger
Crippled Skyranger, but plenty of help

     Our August meeting was held on Sunday, August 21st, 2016 at the EMT/Deputy Sheriff Depot at Pelion Airport (6J0). We enjoyed a potluck lunch beginning at 1:00pm. Members brought a wonderful variety of foods, including chicken bog, dirty rice, fried chicken, baked beans, slaw, broccoli salad, pasta with cheese, rolls, butter, tea, ice, soft drinks, lemonade, and a variety of delicious desserts. Rusty Nance conducted the business meeting beginning about 2:00pm. He first gave a report on the "Raspberry Pi" ADS/B In receiver, which is receiving much interest due to it's very low cost relative to other ADS/B In solutions. For more on that receiver, click the image below. Leon gave a financial report indicating that our chapter treasury is still very healthy. The July minutes were approved. Rusty reiterated upcoming chapter meetings at Wexford Airpark in September, Whiteplains Airpark in October, and our chapter fall fly-in at Gilbert Airpark in November. It was voted that a chapter Facebook page will be created in the near future. Although not directly aviation related, Randy gave a report on his recent robbery at a nearby gas station in hopes that it might help other members avoid a similar fate in the future. Don Schmotzer gave us a safety briefing on "VFR Flight into IMC" which was very enlightening. Phil had a mishap on landing early in the day which resulted in a flat front tire on his "Tweety Bird" Skyranger aircraft. After the meeting, several members assisted Phil in getting his crippled aircraft back to the apron area in front of the hangars (see photo above). We also welcomed new members, Larry and Debbie Philbin, to our chapter. In spite of the heat and the gnats, it was a great meeting with very good attendance by members. For photos of the event from Eddie Price, click the photo above.

"Click Here" Image

Click the image above for more information on the low cost "Raspberry Pi" ADS/B In Receiver

July Meeting - EAA242 SAC at CUB - 7/17/2016

July 17th Meeting at CUB
A "laid back" Meeting in EAA 242's SAC at CUB

     Our July meeting was held on Sunday, July 17th, 2016 at the Sport Aviation Center (SAC) of Palmetto Sport Aviation (EAA 242) at Hamilton-Owens Airport (CUB) In Columbia. Jim Herpst graciously hosted the meeting and provided a meal of grilled chicken, baked beans, slaw, rolls, fruit cocktail, and ice cream. We thank Jim and EAA242 for their hospitality.  Five (5) members flew in ... Larry, Al, Don, Tony, and Leonard. After the meal, Rusty Nance presided over the meeting starting about 2:00pm. First, the June minutes were approved. Then, in the absence of Treasurer, Leon Strock, Libby Berry gave the financial report which indicates that our chapter is very healthy financially. Rusty elaborated on the dates and locations for our upcoming meetings, which include: Pelion Airport (6J0) on August 21st, Wexford Airpark on September 18th, Whiteplains Airpark (SC99) on October 16th, and Gilbert Airpark (SC45) in conjunction with our chapter fall fly-in on November 5th (alternate rain date of November 12th). The major discussion today centered around the newly passed "Pilot's Bill of Rights 2" which includes the much lauded and awaited 3rd class medical reform. Although a chapter Facebook page is planned, there's still no progress as of this date. Don Schmotzer then gave us an interesting and informative safety presentation on considerations when flying during these hot summer days. We gained one new member today, Devin Albrecht, who moved here recently from Pennsylvania. The meeting adjourned around 3:00pm. Those who flew in beat a hasty retreat towards home as bad weather appeared to be moving in. For more photos from Eddie Price, click the photo above.

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