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June Meeting - Gilbert Airpark - 6/12/2016

Three Generations of Herpst Family
Three Generations of Herpst Family

     Our June meeting was held on Sunday, June 12th, 2016 again at Ron Angerman's huge hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (GIA-SC45). We enjoyed an excellent potluck lunch. Leon brought chicken and ham, paid for by the chapter, and Leonard/Kathy Self brought pulled pork. In addition, members brought various covered dishes, desserts, and beverages. Approximately 30 TTF members, family members, and guests attended and enjoyed lunch. Nobody went away hungry. Although it was one of the hottest days yet this summer, Ron had a number of fans going, so it wasn't so bad inside Ron's high ceiling hangar. Rusty then conducted the business meeting. He again thanked Ron Angerman for his generous willingness to host our chapter meeting, for which Ron received a well deserved round of applause from the group. Rusty also thanked Eddie Price for taking the initiative to order, buy, pickup, and sell the chapter shirts and caps. He thanked Randy for coordinating today's covered dish contributions to the meal via the chapter website. Regarding old business, Leon Strock reported that member, Don Schmotzer, just welcomed a new grandson into the family. He also reported that our treasury is still well in the black, even after paying for chapter shirts and caps, which will eventually be reimbursed. The chapter minutes for May were approved. We decided to put the chapter Facebook page on hold for now. Jim Herpst reported on the recent Young Eagles event at CUB. Under new business, we discussed FAA's announced initiative to grant a $500 rebate to the first 20,000 installers of new ADS/B Out equipment sometime in the fall. Rusty also talked about the EAA chapter leadership events at Oshkosh. We had 6 aircraft attending today with several more member aircraft in hangars at GIA. For photos from Eddie Price, click the thumbnail above.

May Meeting - Gilbert Airpark - 5/15/2016

9 Planes at GIA on 5/15/16      Attendees & Stearman
9 Aircraft at GIA                                     Attendees & Stearman

     Our May meeting was held on Sunday, May 15th, 2016 at Ron Angerman's large and nice hangar (which we've dubbed the "Taj Mahangar") at Gilbert International Airpark (GIA). Ron provided a delicious meal beginning about 1:30pm EDT of BBQ, rice and hash, slaw, green beans, butterbeans, macroni, other dishes, tea, and soft drinks. Other members and guests brought a variety of desserts. Approximately 35 members and guests attended along with 9 aircraft. It was a beautiful, cool, fairly calm day, which provided a welcome relief from the relatively high winds which have plagued the local area for several weeks. President, Rusty Nance, convened the business meeting about 2:16pm. Minutes for the April meeting were approved. Treasurer, Leon Strock, gave us a financial report which indicates that our chapter treasury is very healthy. Eddie Price coordinated and ordered shirts and caps and distributed them at the meeting today. He still has an assortment of caps in various colors, if you need one. The membership voted on locations for upcoming meetings to be held on June 12th at Gilbert Airpark, at the EAA 242 SAC clubhouse at KCUB in July, at Wexford Airpark in September, at Whiteplains Airpark in October, and at Gilbert International Airpark in November. No firm plans have been made for August yet. It was decided that the November chapter meeting will be held in conjunction with our 2016 fall fly-in on Saturday, November 5th with a "rain date" of Saturday, November 12th at GIA. One new member, Dave Hardy, joined our chapter today. For further details, members should review the May chapter minutes located in the MINUTES section of our MEMBERS ONLY area. For photos of the meeting and event, click one of the thumbnails above.

April Meeting - Pond Branch Airport - 4/17/2016

Dad Cottom  Wilson Shealy
"Dad" Cottom                                      Wilson Shealy

     Our April meeting was held at Eddie and Sandy Price's Pond Branch Airport (PBA). Eddie and Sanday served delicious baby back ribs, BBQ, rice and hash, slaw, and various other side dishes. Other members also contributed various side dishes and desserts. Although it was rather gusty windy day, several people even flew in, including members Don Nowakowski, Bo Fender, Bud Coward, John Pipkin, Al Strickland, and Steve Cromer. Hammond Prescott and Eddie Chalker of the Trenton Flyers also flew in, and we were happy that they were able to join us. After lunch, Eddie Price introduced Mr. Wilson Shealy, who is 91 years young and has been a pilot longer than most of us have been on Earth. He then introduced Mr. Bob "Dad" Cottom, who gave us a presentation on the Carolina Aviation Museum located in Charlotte, N.C. He outlined a number of different aircraft housed in the museum. After Mr. Cottom's presentation, President, Rusty Nance, conducted the business meeting. Topics included the Facebook page of which member, Steve Cromer, will be in charge, and the Young Eagles training program which all chapter pilots must complete if they wish to fly kids in chapter sponsored events. Leon Strock gave a treasurer's report which indicates that the chapter is in great financial condition. Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, May 15 at Gilbert International Airpark at Ron Angerman's hangar located about mid-field of the runway. Click either thumbnail above to see photos of the meeting.

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