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August Meeting -  Flight Deck Restaurant - 8/15/2015

Flight Deck Restaurant

     Our August meeting was held at the Flight Deck restaurant on 8/15/2015 in Lexington, SC. This meeting was different than most in that members could order what they wanted from a menu with aviation oriented themes. We had 23 members and 25 guests in attendance today. Two new members joined the chapter also: David Smith and Tony Urbano. The local BMW club also joined us for lunch. Owner, Ted Stambolitis, hosted the meeting and complimented the pilots in attendance after the meal. For photos from Eddie Price, click the thumbnail above.

July Meeting -  Pelion Airport - 7/19/2015

Alaska Map Slide

     Our July meeting was held at Pelion Airport (6J0) on July 19, 2015. It was a beautiful day until later in the day when the weather began to deteriorate. Several members had flown to the morning breakfast at Triple Tree Aerodrome earlier, and then flew to Pelion Airport for our chapter meeting. We had 23 members, 6 guests, and 7 airplanes in attendance. First, we enjoyed a meal of sub sandwiches, tea, soft drinks, chips, banana pudding, and other desserts. Then, we enjoyed a presentation by John Pipkin. John has commercial, instrument, CFII, and A&P ratings. John is now retired, but he was a professional pilot with much flying experience in various types of aircraft and has worked as an FAA inspector during his career. His presentation included video excerpts of his challenging flying experiences in Liberia, Haiti, Alaska, as well as here in the states. He has flown many missions for Mission Aviation Foundation (MAF) and other religious organizations. He was in Haiti at the time of the earthquake there in 2010, which killed around 300,000 people, and narrowly escaped death himself. His adventures continue, as he plans to go to Alaska later this year to work with a religious organization there. Thank you, John. For photos from Eddie Price, click the thumbnail above.

"Young Eagles" Event -  Pelion Airport - 6/27/2015

Don Nowkowsky with Young Eagle

     After a rather tenuous and slow start due to questionable weather, our chapter "Young Eagles" event ultimately proved successful. We flew 21 kids today with lots of support from EAA 1467 pilots/members and several members of EAA 242. We believe more kids would have come had the weather been a bit more favorable. Those who did come were rewarded with about a 20 minute flight in the local Pelion/Swansea/Gaston area. Afterwards, the Lexington County Sheriff's Department provided everyone attending a lunch of hot dogs. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the event. A special thanks goes to the Lexington County Sheriff's Department for their cooperation, support and lunch and to EAA 242 pilot, Allen Folger, for flying several kids. The reward for all of us was the big smiles on the faces of those kids. For photos from Eddie Price from the event, click the thumbnail above.

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