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2015 Chapter News - Page 3

June Meeting -  Gilbert Airpark - 6/14/2015

Ron Angerman & Sharon

     Chapter and Gilbert Airpark members congregated at Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) on June 14th. Ron provided everyone with a fantastic meal of ribeye steaks with various sauces, baked potatoes with butter and sour creme, green salad with several dressings, rolls, tea, and soft drinks; others brought desserts. The weather was hot, but clear, with light winds generally down the runway from the west. Quite a few members flew in. The thumbnail above shows host, Ron Angerman, and friend, Sharon, in the background. After the meal, Eddie introduced various guests, covered minutes and treasurer's report, and discussed the upcoming Young Eagles event at Pelion Airport (6J0) on Saturday, June 27th. Member and Lexington County Deputy, David Nieves, outlined plans for having around 60 kids on hand for rides on that date. Ron also related his story about how his huge hangar came into existence some 10 years ago. Although it was hot outside, it was reasonably nice inside Ron's hangar with several fans running, so most people sat around chatting, socializing, and generally relaxing after the meal. All reports indicated that everyone enjoyed the meal and had a great time. For photos from Eddie Price from the event, click the thumbnail above.

May Meeting -  Dolittle Airport - 5/16/2015

Grroup at Dolittle on May 16, 2015

     Our May meeting was held at Dolittle Airport (SC90) at the home/hangar of Norman and Sheryl Davis. We had great weather, so a number of members flew in. Ray Ackerman assisted Norman in barbequing chicken and pork chops. We also had baked beans, corn on the cob, slaw, macaroni and cheese, iced tea, lemonade, and several desserts. It was all delicious. Thank you Norman and Sheryl for your hospitality, and also to Ray for his culinary arts. After lunch, we held a brief chapter meeting in which Eddie reported that we now have 46 members, and our treasury is well into the black. Minutes of the April meeting were also approved. Then, Norman gave us some useful tips on sheet metal work and demonstrated drilling holes with an air drill, various forms of riveting (regular, recessed, bucking, pop, cherry macs), and the various tools used. For photos from Eddie Price, click the thumbnail above. Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled to be held at Ron Angerman's hangar located at Gilbert Airpark (SC45) on June 14, 2015.

April Meeting -  Wexford Airpark - 4/19/2015

Hosts Leonard & Kathy Self

     Our April meeting was held at Wexford Airpark (4SC7) at the hangar of Leonard and Kathy Self. The weather was rather rainy all day with possible Tstorms forecast (and a tornado warning was in effect later in the day), so none of us could fly in as we had been anticipating and hoping. However, the dismal weather didn't dampen the spirits of TTF members and about 30 members and guests came. Hosts Leonard and Kathy served a delicious meal of pulled pork, BBQ chicken., roasted pork, baked beans, cornbread, and various beverages. Leonard readily credits wife, Kathy, with having done all of the cooking. Glenn Temples brought a delicious strawberry dessert made by fellow member and wife, Kelsie. Leonard conducted the meeting today at Eddie's request. We discussed new TTF shirts and caps, future meetings at Dolittle Field in May and Gilbert Airpark in June, other upcoming area fly-ins, and a free breakfast being provided at Hamilton-Owens on May 25th. Also, several members plan to attend the Sun-N-Fun Fly-in at Lakeland, Florida next week. We also briefly touched on the prospect of having a fall fly-in at Gilbert Airpark, although no firm decision was made. Several new members joined the chapter today ... CFI Kirk Barrett with his wife, Kris, Joe Bryan, and Francis Drayton. We were happy to have guest and SC Breakfast Club honcho, Gerald Ballard, as well. Click the thumbnail above for photos taken at the event.

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