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November Meeting - Pelion Airport - 11/15/2015

TTF Group at 6J0 on 11/15/15

     Our last chapter meeting of 2015 was held at Pelion Airport (6J0) on Sunday, November 15th. Approximately 20 members met at Pelion Airport and then traveled to Hansens restaurant in Pelion for lunch from 12:00 noon until 2:00pm. Our chapter meeting started a little after 2:00pm. Chapter president, Eddie Price, mentioned that most of the recent order of chapter caps have already either been spoken for or sold. However, there seemed not to be a pressing need for more caps at this time. We then had a lively pro/con discussion on creating a chapter page on Facebook, but no firm conclusion was reached, so the decision will be postponed until next year under new leadership. Eddie also spoke about the trials and tribulations of chapter member, Richard Miranda. We all wish the best for Richard in the future. The group applauded Eddie for the fine job he has done as president this past year, but he has always indicated that he does not wish to serve another year as president.

We then elected new 2016 officers as follows: President: Russell Nance; Vice-President: Leonard Self; Secretary: Kevin Wallace; and Treasurer: Leon Strock. Congratulations 2016 officers! We also elected 4 directors: Larry Maner, Eddie Price, Don Schmotzer, and Randy Berry. Also, continuing to serve in their present capacities for 2016 are: Safety Advisor: Don Schmotzer; Webmaster: Randy Berry; and Photographer: Eddie Price. Additional positions and appointments may be made next year by the 2016 president. Click the thumbnail above for photos from Eddie Price.

     This being our last meeting of 2015, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. See you next year!

EAA 1467 Fall Fly-In & Meeting -  Gilbert Airpark - 10/24/2015

Kent Ingrams Beautiful CUB              Rotax 912 Trike from North Georgia
       Eddie's Photos                                                  Randy's Photos & Videos

     Our EAA Chapter 1467 Fall Fly-in was held at Gilbert Airpark (SC45) on October 24th, 2015. The weather was absolutely perfect at the airpark with few clouds, temperatures in the mid-70s, and a light wind almost directly down runway 9. However, one pilot reported a ceiling of less than 500' less than 20 miles to our east, which included CAE and CUB. Several other aviators reported low ceilings and/or IFR conditions at other airports across the state as well, which we believe affected our attendance somewhat. Still, we had a great relaxed fly-in, a good crowd of perhaps 70-80 attendees, around 12-15 aircraft at various times, and a great meal. Amazingly, one pilot flew his Rotax 912 powered trike approximately 110 nautical miles from Jackson County Airport (19A) north of Atlanta, GA. Ron Angerman cooked up two giant pans of spaghetti sauce and noodles with some help from the ladies at GIA, who also assisted attendees with their needs. We also enjoyed BBQ, hamburgers, hotdogs, tossed salad, various other salads and casseroles, vegetables, iced tea, soft drinks, and many delicious desserts. Aviation photos showed on a screen in the background. We held a TTF chapter meeting from approximately 2:00 - 2:30pm attended by chapter members, as well as those guests who remained in attendance after the meal. TTF members may view the minutes from that meeting in our MEMBERS ONLY area. Our thanks to Ron Angerman for the use of his great hangar, our TTF members, all the folks at Gilbert Airpark for their hospitality, all who attended, and those who helped out. For photos and videos from Eddie Price (left) and Randy Berry (right), click the thumbnails above.

September Meeting -  Whiteplains Airpark - 9/20/2015

Whiteplains Runway 27

     Our September meeting was held in the hangar of Jim and Susan Fender's home at Whiteplains Airpark near Gilbert, SC on 9/20/2015. Quite a few of our members flew in, and a number of Whiteplains residents (several of them chapter members as well) attended. A lunch of hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans, potato salad, chips, various other dishes, and several desserts was provided by Jim, Susan and other residents from Whiteplains. Then, former chapter president of EAA Chapter 613 in Vermont and current TTF chapter member, Tony Speranza, gave us a presentation on the activities of the chapter there. Then, Eddie discussed August minutes, our current financial status (which is well in the black), getting more chapter caps, our Young Eagles event back in late June, and various other business items. We were pleased that two new members, Dennis Perry (#50) and Sandy Wheat (#51), joined the chapter this month as well. Our next chapter meeting will also be our chapter sponsored fall fly-in at Gilbert Airpark on 10/24/15 (alternate date of 10/31/15). Thanks to Jim and Susan for hosting the event and to all the great residents at Whiteplains for making us feel welcome there. For photos of the event courtesy of Eddie Price, click the thumbnail above.

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