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2014 Chapter News - Page 3

June Meeting -  Pelion Airport (6J0) - 6/22/2014

Landing on Pelion Runway 36

     Our June meeting was held at the EMT/Deputy Substation At Pelion Airport (6J0) on June 22nd, 2014. Eddie Price and David Nieves flew in. The meeting was sparsely attended, so a business meeting was not held. Those who attended were rewarded with their fill of pizza with garden salad, iced tea, and soft drinks. Click the thumbnail above for photos from Eddie Price.

May Meeting -  Gilbert Airpark (SC45) - 5/18/2014

Randy Grilling 5-18-2014

     Our May meeting was held at Gilbert airpark on May 18th, 2014. Many thanks to Ron Angerman for use of his hangar. The meeting was tainted by some misty rain, but we still had a good time. Randy cooked hamburgers and hotdogs, assisted by his visiting brother, Don, from Florida.  We also had baked beans, potato chips, iced tea, and various desserts. Several airpark members also came, several of whom are chapter members. We held a short business meeting, then we viewed the EAA May and April videos. Some of the video highlights were the Corvair college, with some scenes recorded at Barnwell Airport, paragliding on the beach at Panama Beach, Florida, and the Panther aircraft, which uses a Corvair engine. Click on the thumbnail above for photos from Eddie Price.

April Meeting -  Pelion Airport (6J0) - 4/27/2014

Jerry Wilson of US Customs & Border Protection      Britton Lorenzen of Homeland Security Investigations

     Our April chapter meeting was held at Lexington County at Pelion Airport (6J0) on April 27th, 2014 at the EMT/Sheriff's Deputy Substation. We had a spaghetti lunch with garden salad, various dressings, Italian bread, iced tea, and assorted soft drinks. During lunch, we had a nice presentation by Agents Jerry Wilson and Britton Lorenzen from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Jerry is with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Britton is with Homeland Security Investigations. Their presentations were quite enlightening as to the various responsibilities they have with regards to illegal activities, such as agricultural imports, money laundering, illicit drugs, terrorist activities, and various other crimes. Yes, it does happen here in SC and even in our own local area, and they even gave us some examples. They also gave us some pointers in how to recognize potential criminal activity, especially with regards to aviation and aircraft. The key is to "be ever watchful" and report any suspicious activities to their offices at 1-800-BE-ALERT or 1-800-DHS-TIPS. We then held our usual business meeting and reported on past aviation events, including Sun-N-Fun and Boshears Skyfest. For photos from Eddie Price, Click on on either thumbnail above.

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