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February Meeting - Pelion Airport - 2/17/2013

Food at TTF Meeting 2-17-2013

     Our February chapter meeting was held on February 17th, 2013 at Pelion Airport (6J0). It was a very windy day with an almost direct west crosswind across the 18/36 runway. Only 1 plane flew in,  a C152 piloted by recently certified PPL pilot and member, Kevin Wallace. Eddie and Sandy Price provided us with two pots (see photo) of soup (taco and vegetable), and Libby/Randy brought cornbread and green tea. Al, Tony, Kelsie brought desserts. Leon and Jim brought tea and lemonade. After lunch, we had our business meeting in which we went "round robin" and let each member express their sentiments about how our chapter is doing and recommendations for the future. The consensus was that we like to fly, eat, get along, and have fun (imagine that Small Smiley Face). We discussed various upcoming events, one of which is a Young Eagles Day at Pelion Airport planned for April 20th. Click the thumbnail above for photos.

Steaks at Anthony's - Barnwell Airport (KBNL) - 2/15/2013

Guys at Anthony's in Barnwell

     Eight of us flew to KBNL in 7 aircraft on Friday, February 15th for some great steaks at Anthony's located only a couple of miles away from the airport. They included 6 chapter members (Neil, Larry, Eddie, Tony, Chris, Randy), Benny Zimmer from the Rock Hill area, and Karl Von Kaenel from the Clemson area. It was also Randy's birthday, so he had reserved the courtesy van at KBNL and a table at Anthony's for the group. The steaks were great and only cost $10 total, including tea ... but one "oddball" got shrimp Small Smiley Icon The guys sang Happy Birthday to Randy while he blew out his one candle on a slice of pie (the actual number would not have fit on the pie) provided "gratus" by Anthony's. It looked so good, some of the others ordered some too. After eating, we were just ambling around outside and became curious about a small quaint looking building next door. Turns out it belonged to local resident, Herbert Long, and contained a treasure trove of interesting antiques owned by him. Herb invited us inside and gave us the grand tour, which we enjoyed very much, and he seemed to enjoy showing off his collection. Then, we drove back to the airport and departed. A great time was had by all! For photos, click the thumbnail above.

January Meeting - Pelion Airport - 1/20/2013

Roger Explaining Gnat

     We had great attendance for our first meeting of 2013 at Pelion Airport (6J0). Our chapter has 36 members to kick off the new year, 27 of whom attended this first meeting; ten planes flew in for the event. Libby and Randy provided a simple meal of chili, crackers and condiments prior to the meeting. Jim Herpst brought tea and Ice. Al Strickland and Kelsie Temples brought desserts. In the business portion, we had a vigorous discussion about whether or not to have meals in the future; one member was very vocal about not having them. In the end, we voted to have them, but only IF someone volunteers to bring food at a future meeting. Randy reported that he mailed our chapter documentation and payment for dues and insurance to EAA headquarters (due by January 15th) on January 7th.  Randy presented 2012 awards and pins to officers and others recognized by EAA, as well as other members who made significant contributions last year. Don Schmotzer presented Chris Hoover a framed certificate for his first solo at Gaston Airport back in December. Chris bought a C172 back in the summer and is making great progress towards his PPL under the tutelage of CFI John Pipkin. Go Chris! David Smith gave us a report on the visit he, Norman, Ray, and Kevin made to Sebring, Florida on January 17-19th for the Light Sport Aircraft Expo. After the business meeting, Lt. Colonel (retired), Roger Rucker, gave us an excellent presentation on his 27+ year career flying many types of military aircraft, including the C5A Galaxy, T33, T37, T-38, C-123, C-124, Gnat, as well as civilian aircraft, including C150, C152, C172, C172RG, C182, C182RG, C206, and C210. He also served in various administrative positions, including Shaw AFB Commander, ROTC coordinator at two local high schools, and local CAP commander. Roger drew laughter when he spoke about going all the way from the rear-end of a mule on his father's Swansea farm to the front seat of a C5A Galaxy during his career. Click the thumbnail above to view photos.

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