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VAA Fall Fly-in @ KCDN - 10/6/2012

Metro Life Blimp

     The Chapter 3 VAA Fall Fly-in was held at Woodward Field (KCDN) near Camden, SC from October 3-7, 2012. Although the day started with fog in low lying areas, and the airport had been socked in earlier in the morning, several TTF members managed to fly to the event on Saturday, October 6th. Ray and Randy arrived around 9:30am just after the local fog lifted and left a "hole" over the airport. Jim H (with his father), Don S, and Eddie arrived around 11am, and Larry (with Chris) and Don B arrived before noon. Ron L rode his motorcycle. Steve Preston and David Smith drove in. We also enjoyed visiting with many friends at the airport. Several members left early to beat a TFR for the USC/Georgia game at Williams-Brice Stadium. which was to go into effect later in the day. Randy, Larry, Chris and Randy stuck around until around 5pm and came back via the Lake Murray dam route. It was a great fall day enjoying the type of "grass roots" event that we all relish attending! For photos taken by Eddie Price and others at the event, click the thumbnail above.

September Meeting - 9/16/2012

Chris Hoover's RCs

     Our September meeting was held at Gaston Airport (2SC8) on 9/16/2012. Several members flew in, including Neil (with Ron Angerman), Randy, Phil, Eddie, and Jim. Tony Gantt provided a lunch of pizza and iced tea; we had plenty. In our business meeting, we discussed local happenings, upcoming fly-ins and events, several member concerns, and began detailed planning for our upcoming fall fly-in at Gilbert Airpark (SC45) on Saturday, November 3rd. Afterwards, Chris Hoover showed several of his very nice collection of remote controlled aircraft (shown above). Eddie Price took plenty of photos, and even a few videos. To see them, click the thumbnail above.

August Meeting - 8/19/2012

Randy Presents Hat to Stan Schmotzer

     We had an excellent meeting on Sunday, August 19th at Lexington County at Pelion Airport (6J0). Jim, Tony, Glenn, Kelsie, and Leon provided a meal of sub sandwiches, chips, iced tea, donuts and banana pudding. Mmmm ... yummy! Then, we held our business meeting. Several members discussed their recent trip to AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin between July 23-29th. We also reconfirmed plans to hold our fall fly-in on Saturday, November 3rd at Gilbert Airpark (SC45). Food will be a coordinated effort between the chapter and Gilbert Airpark (GIA) members. We also took up a memorial donation for Major Walter Gray, son-in-law of member, John Pipkin, who was killed in action in Afghanistan recently Sad Emoticon Our sincere condolences go to Major Gray's family and friends. Don Bledsoe recently had surgery on his broken collar bone, so we were very happy to have him attending the meeting. Neil and Millie gave us information and brought materials, including certificates and logbooks, on the Young Eagles program.

     Our special guest today was Captain Stan "Shooter" Schmotzer, son of chapter member, Don, and Diane Schmotzer. Stan pilots the huge C-17A Globemaster III (click for more info) military aircraft. Stan is qualified as both a pilot and loadmaster on the aircraft, so he wears two sets of wings. He is currently stationed at Charleston AFB, but he has traveled all over the world, including some dangerous places, such as Afghanistan and Iraq. He drove all the way from Charleston today to give us an excellent presentation, including some riveting live action videos of aerial actions against ground targets. Thanks so much, Stan, for taking your limited off-duty time to come visit us and give this presentation. In turn, we gave him an "official" TTF chapter cap Smiley Emoticon For photos of yesterday's meeting, click the thumbnail above.

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