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Trip to Buckeye Farms & Williston - 1/26/18

Aerial View of Buckeye Farms
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     Fifteen of us visited Buckeye Farms, the country home of Dave and Tammy Gardner near Williston, SC, on January 26th, 2018. Four planes flew in there: Eddie Price and Larry Philbin in Eddie's Cessna 140, Larry Maner and James Murphy in Larry's Cessna 172, Jack Starling and John Leonhardt in Jack's Cherokee 140, and John Donato in his Kolb Twinstar. Three planes flew into KBNL: Don Nowakowski in his RV-6, Randy Berry in his Cessna 150, and Tony Urbano and Steven Lee in Steven's recently purchased Comanche. They picked up the airport van and drove over to Buckeye Farms together. Bo Fender drove over from his work at Savannah River Plant, and Jim Streeter drove in from his home. After greetings, introductions, hand shakes, Larry's hugs, and a short visit in the hangar, we all piled into the van and Jim and Dave's cars and drove over to "Meeting on Main" restaurant in Williston, SC around noon. Don Harper was there too, but he had been called into a special county council meeting being held there.  However, Don managed to slip in a short visit with us at the restaurant. We had a fantastic buffet lunch there from which everyone came away "stuffed". Then, we drove back to Buckeye Farms and lingered for quite some time chatting, laughing, and sharing tales ... tall and otherwise Don Schmotzer and Tony Gantt also flew into KBNL later in their Zenith 601's. Unfortunately, they came too late to make it over to Buckeye Farms, and they were leaving as we drove into the KBNL terminal. It was a great day which we all very much enjoyed, having the fun and adventure our chapter members love, and which we will all remember fondly over the years. For photos of the event and afterwards from Eddie Price and others, click the photo above.

January Meeting - Gilbert International Airpark - 1/14/18

Recipients of 2017 Chapter 1467 Service Awards
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     Our first meeting of 2018 was held on Sunday, January 14, 2018 at Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45). Several members arrived early. We enjoyed a delicious chili meal on a cold winter day starting about 1:00pm. President, Randy Berry, thanked Ron Angerman for hosting our meeting today. He also thanked everyone for braving the cold and thanked members who brought chili and other food items.

     During the business meeting, minutes previously posted online from our October, 2017 meeting were approved as written. Treasurer, Leon Strock, gave a treasurer's report indicating that our chapter bank account is healthy. Randy then presented 2017 service awards to the following individuals: Leonard Self (VP), Libby Berry (Secretary), Leon Strock (Treasurer), Don Schmotzer (Safety Advisor), and Eddie Price (Photographer). We then discussed Young Eagles (i.e. YE). Our former YE coordinators resigned recently, so Randy asked if anyone was interested in assuming that position. Since nobody volunteered, we may not have a specific scheduled YE event during the upcoming year. Further discussion indicated that most pilots would rather concentrate on helping kids who are truly interested in aviation, rather than those who are just looking for a "joyride". It was mentioned that any EAA pilot who has undergone the EAA validation process can fly a young person, fill out a YE form, and sent it in to EAA. Larry Philbin and John Donato volunteered to assess interest by young people in our chapter and will report their findings in a future meeting. Randy then asked the membership what activities they would like to pursue during the upcoming year. Suggestions were: to do more flying and to various locations, to keep any presentations to 20 minutes or less, and to have a fish fry at Lexington County Airport (6J0) when it warms up.

     Visitor, Dave Gardner, commented on his trip from California to Kitty Hawk, NC some years back to celebrate and commemorate the original Wright Brothers' flight, and he mentioned that his brother, John, who is visiting from Alaska, accompanied him on that journey. He further invited us to fly down to his home/airstrtip at any time and gave us the coordinates to his location, which Randy later emailed to members. Ron Angerman spoke about the death of his former friend and mentor, Carl Hendrix, and also airpark member, Neil Deye, who will be moving to Ohio in February. Our next two meetings are tentatively scheduled at 6J0 on February 18th and Eddie Price's PBA on March 18th.

     Click on the image above for photos of the meeting from Eddie Price.

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