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August Meeting - Lexington County Airport (6J0) - 8/19/18

Ron Mowery Gave Us A Presentation on Their Recent AirVenture Trip

     Our August, 2018 chapter meeting was again held at the Lexington County South Region Substation at Lexington County Airport (6J0). Our meeting started with a great lunch about 1:00pm. Members brought ham, potato salad, mac & cheese, green beans, butterbeans, sugar peas, and several delicious desserts and tea. Thanks to all of you who brought food items and also for your donations!

     President, Randy Berry, brought the meeting to order about 1:55pm. He first introduced and welcomed wives, guests, and 3 new members: Joe Bryan (who did not attend, but joined earlier), Ray Kyzer, and Malcolm Lucas. Welcome to our chapter, guys! Minutes from our July 15th meeting were approved as written. Leon Strock gave us a treasurer's report indicating that our chapter is still very healthy. We decided that our next TTF meeting will be held at Ron Angerman's large and nice hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) on September 16th. Dave Gardner, along with brother, John, gave us a report on his trip to Ohio in his RANS Airiele S-12 aircraft. Yes, he flew it there and back! Then, Dave flew commercially to Alaska to go bear hunting. Dave explained that he decided to go see his mother first before going to Alaska in case a bear ate him. Next, Larry Maner gave us an update on a memorial for Howard "Shack" Shackelford at Edgefield County Airport (6J6) the previous Saturday. The weather was not great, but they managed to maneuver around the cells using ADS-B In. Finally, Randy explained a procedure for viewing and checking out DVDs of our "Sporty's Instrument Rating" course.

     After the business meeting, Ron Mowery (shown at top) gave us a presentation complete with photos on his and his wife, Cyndi's, trip to AirVenture at Oshkosh on July 21st-28th, 2018. They flew in there "en masse" with the Piper Cherokee group on Saturday, June 21st and camped for 8 days in a tent. They made it in just before the airport went IFR. A flight of 149 Bonanzas coming in a bit later were not as lucky and had to divert to Fond Du Lac, WI and two other airports. Thanks Ron for a great presentation.

     Chapter photographer, Eddie Price, was not able to attend today, so our photographs are sparse. However, we hope to have some posted later in the week. When we do ou can click the video at top to see them.

July Meeting - Lexington County Airport (6J0) - 7/15/18

Leon Entertained Us With His Wit
(Click this Image for more photos)

     Our July, 2018 chapter meeting was again held at the Lexington County South Region Substation located near the entrance to Lexington County Airport (6J0). Our meeting started with an Italian themed lunch about 1:00pm. Members brought spaghetti, meatballs, lasagne, salads, and several delicious desserts and beverages. Thanks to the cooks and those of you who brought food items and also for your donations!

     Randy gaveled the meeting to order at 1:55pm. He first introduced and welcomed several guests, including several wives and two first time guests: Jason Christofi, who owns a Cessna 150, along with his 2-year old daughter, and Ray Kyzer, who is interested in flying ultralights. He also recognized TTF members who had not been to a recent meeting: Don Harper, our EAA technical assistant and Barnwell County councilman and Dave Hardly, also president of the Gilbert International AIrpark Association.

     In other business, the minutes from our June 24th meeting were approved. Leon Strock gave the financial report which again indicates that our treasury is in great shape. He made two disbursements, both to Randy for: (1) reimbursement for the "Sporty's Instrument Rating Course" ($208.39) and (2) services rendered for the TTF website for 2018 ($100). We decided our August meeting will be held on August 19th at 6J0. Randy reiterated that our Fall Fly-in is scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd (with a rain date of November 10th) at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) from 9:00am until 4:00pm with lunch served on a donation basis. He also mentioned that our October meeting will be held at Dave and Tammy Gardner's "Buckeye Farms", which has a 2600' airstrip, located near Williston, SC. Randy then asked members for their comments and suggestions regarding our chapter. He called on each member (and guest) in robin robin fashion. Everyone seemed well pleased with the direction of our chapter. We had lots of fun joking and laughing today. It was great, wholesome fun. The meeting was adjourned about 2:45pm. For photos of the meeting from Eddie Price, click on the photo above.

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