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March Meeting - Pond Branch Airport (PBA)) - 3/19/2017

Group Photo at TTF March 19th, 2017 Meeting

     We had another great meeting on March 19, 2017 at Eddie and Sandy Price's Pond Branch Airport (PBA). The event started about 11:30pm when Randy and Eddie put on the cooking pot. Several other members started arriving soon afterwards, including several aircraft. The featured cuisine today was Beaufort Stew, sometimes known as Low Country Boil, consisting of shrimp, kilbasa, corn, and potatoes. We also had oysters steamed to perfection by Bo Fender. Several members brought other food items, such as chicken, chicken hash, slaw, various desserts. tea, and soft drinks. Everyone really enjoyed the meal, and nobody went away hungry. The weather was nice and cool, but a bit windy, with a wind of around 12mph with higher gusts upon arrival. Still, Dave Gardner flew his RANS S-14 in from Barnwell (KBNL), Bob Cottom flew the family Luscombe all the way from Rock Hill (KUZA), and John Pipkin flew his Aeronca Champ in from Gaston Airport (2SC8). After lunch, Safety Advisor, Don Schmotzer gave us some flying tips for springtime flying. Eddie took several group photos after Don's presentation down by the aircraft, after which we held about a 30-minute business meeting. During the meeting, Eddie and Sandy Price were applauded for hosting our meeting, and for Eddie's traveling 1.5 hours each way to pick up our shrimp and oysters and buying most of the food items. We welcomed new member, Michael Morris, who is a private pilot with instrument and glider ratings. Michael is also a local attorney with his own practice in Columbia, SC. Several former members renewed their memberships and paid dues at this meeting also. During the business meeting, we voted on and approved minutes for the January and February meetings. Larry Maner brought up the issue of honorary memberships for local airport owners who allow us to fly into their airports, which included Don Bledsoe (2SC8), Eddie Price (PBA), and David Smith (12SC). We also included Ron Angerman for allowing use of his hangar at Gilbert Airpark for our past and future annual fall fly-ins. Larry made the motion, it was seconded, and passed. We applauded George and Murray Sellers for volunteering for our new Young Eagles Co-coordinators. They've been taking their new duties very seriously, researching and visiting other Young Eagles operations, and gave us an update on their activities. They indicated plans for a YE event in September. All attendees seemed to have had a genuinely great time. For photos of the event by Eddie Price, click on the group photo above.

February Meeting - Triple Tree Aerodrome (SC00) - 2/26/2017

P51 Mustang At Triple Tree - 2/26/17
P51 Mustang taxiing for takeoff on runway 03 at Triple Tree Aerodrome

     Our chapter held it's second meeting of 2017 at Triple Tree Aerodrome (SC00) located near Enoree, SC on February 26th, 2017. As many of you know, Triple Tree is like an aviator's version of "Disneyland". Mr. Rob Trayhnam, Triple Tree's GA contact, was our host. Rob invited us to come a few weeks ago to enjoy the sites of Triple Tree, especially to hear about the history of the many great aircraft there. We invited several guests, including members of EAA Chapter 242 and the Trenton flyers. Some of us flew up, while others drove up. Fifteen aircraft flew in, and we counted 42 members and guests. There may have been more that we missed

     Rob greeted us at the 03 end of runway 03/21 near the large gazebo and small lake. Then, he drove us to the hangar up the winding road beside the 7,000 long x 400' wide runway in a school bus. That bus was filled with excited and talkative passengers. As we were riding up towards the hangar, Rob gave us an orientation to Triple Tree about how and when the property was acquired, how it all began back in 1997, and how it has progressed through the years. One of the special treats of the day was seeing their immaculate P-51 Mustang flying there. About midway up the hill, Rob stopped the bus, and we all got a close up view of the P-51 back taxiing down runway 03, and then its takeoff. Wow! Listening to that big Merlin engine on takeoff is an impressive sight that one never forgets and fills one with a sense of pride and patriotism.

     Then, Rob and Mr. Pat Hartness spoke to us about the purpose, vision, and mission of Triple Tree in their recently built Learning Center. What a great place for learning about aviation. The room was lined with immaculate model aircraft, several as large as a person. They even have PC based trainers housed there. A close up examination of all of those great models and trainers in there could keep one mesmerized for hours. Mr. Pat is, of course, the major benefactor of Triple Tree, who started it all back in 1997 with one rundown motor grader, and pretty much financed it as well, along with the help of a great group of Triple Tree volunteers and 2 staff members. Now, Pat has turned it over completely to Triple Tree Foundation, which Pat says belongs to all of us, so that present day and future generations of aviators may enjoy it for years to come.  It hosts several flying events each year, including the Joe Nall RC Fly-in, which draws 10,000-15,000 RC enthusiasts and visitors from all over this country and the world. Rob then took us over to the large hangar which houses Mr. Pat Hartness' impressive collection of aircraft, including warbirds, sailplane, GA planes, and many RC aircraft. One of Pat's RCs is almost as large as one of our LSA aircraft! As Rob stood beside an immaculate example of a Stearman, he gave us a historical presentation on their Stearman, BT-13, and P-51 Mustang, all of which he also flies there.

     Thank you Rob, Pat, and all the great Triple Tree staff for a wonderful day! As we discussed it there and in the air on the way back home, we all agree that it was a great day. Thankfully, after a very windy day on Saturday, the weather turned out to be beautiful with nice temperatures and light winds, and we had a great flight up there and back. We did not hold an official business meeting, but that was OK, because we brought back plenty of memories that will last a lifetime. Left click on the small photo above to see Eddie's picture album of the event.

     If you'd like to know even more about Triple Tree Aerodrome, including the events held there, here is where you can find their website:

January Meeting - Pelion Airport (6J0) - 1/15/2017

Chow line at 6J0 on January 15, 2017
Glenn seems to enjoy being first in the chow line at Pelion Airport (6J0) on January 15th, 2017

     Our chapter held it first meeting of 2017 at Pelion Airport (6J0) on Sunday, January 15th, 2017. We had a beautiful warm January day in the 70's to kick off our new year. The meeting began at 1:00pm with a lunch of 4 varieties of chili, fresh fruit, apple pie, apple cobbler, pecan pie, chocolate cake, iced tea and various soft drinks, all provided by our members.

     Newly elected president, Randy Berry, began the business meeting at 2:00pm by welcoming everyone to a great new year of "Tree Top Flying". He thanked all members who brought food items and said that "member provided" lunches seem to be working out well. He asked if members would like to continue that practice at future meetings, and the response was an enthusiastic "YES". He also thanked David Nieves for arranging our meeting location in the very nice EMT/Deputy substation and opening it up for us. Randy pointed out that 46 of 62 members on the current member roster had paid 2017 dues and encouraged others to please do so by the February meeting.

     Under old business, Randy gave the chapter a brief history of the chapter, including how and where it started back in 2001, the major happenings along the way, and how we've arrived at this point in our history. Secretary, Libby Berry, then read the minutes from the last meeting on November 20th, 2016, in which 2017 officers were elected. The 2017 officers are: President: Randy Berry, Vice-president: Leonard Self; Secretary: LIbby Berry; and Treasurer: Leon Strock. The minutes were voted upon and approved with 1 change. Then, Treasurer, Leon Strock, gave us a financial report which indicates that our chapter treasury is very healthy. Randy also thanked all those who attended and participated in our fall fly-in at Gilbert Airpark (GIA-SC45) on November 5th, 2016. He especially thanked Don Schmotzer for providing air traffic advisories and Tony Gantt for marshalling planes to parking locations. Our fly-in was very successful with a very minimal final cost of only $15.80 per organization after donations and drawings. All feedback we've heard was very positive.

     Under new business, Randy pointed out that his primary means of communication to members will be (in this order) via (1) email, (2) the TTF website, and (3) occasionally by personal phone calls for important announcements and events. He indicated that members can do their part to assist by simply keeping abreast of, and contributing to, those communications. Leon Strock then presented nice plaques for previous service to 2016 president. Rusty Nancy, and 2015/16 secretary, Kevin Wallace, along with EAA certificates and pins. EAA certificates were also presented to 2015 treasurer, Pelham Moss, and 2013 co-VPs, Tony Gantt and Steve Cromer. Although Kevin Wallace will be attending graduate school at USC this upcoming year, he has agreed to continue serving as our chapter's Facebook coordinator.

     Randy then outlined general plans that he envisions for the upcoming year, which are indicated in the EVENTS section of our website. However, he noted that those are tentative plans only which may well change during the year. He also indicated he is currently working on "special plans" for our February meeting, but he will give us more on that later when those plans are confirmed. Keep posted on the EVENTS/MEETINGS page of the TTF website for further details. Randy also reminded chapter members that national EAA requires us each to be national EAA members. Thus, he encouraged members who have not updated their membership there recently to please do so soon. He pointed out that EAA, as well as AOPA, perform valuable services for us pilots, including our liability insurance and serving as our primary voices in governmental affairs.. Therefore, we need to vigorously support them. Without them, we could easily lose our cherished freedom to fly. He pointed to the recently passed 3rd class medical reform, now know as "BasicMed", as being a prime example of EAA/AOPA supportive efforts for us pilots.

     In other new business, Randy said that he hopes we can take more flying trips during the upcoming year. He encouraged members to coordinate and sponsor trips and/or to let other members know when they are taking trips and invite them to come along. It's even more fun when you travel with others. He also hopes that we can take some lunch trips this year, perhaps some in conjunction with other aviation groups. Leonard Self asked about Young Eagles (YE). David Nieves is Young Eagles coordinator for our chapter, so David responded that he plans to "line up a YE event" sometime during the summer, probably June. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned about 2:45pm EST.

     After the meeting was adjourned, Don Schmotzer showed us an interesting online video on "Flight from VFR into IMC Conditions" which kept members captivated. The video was about a tragic accident involving a father/pilot who was taking his daughters back to college, which began in VFR conditions but deteriorated into IMC conditions along the way, The video demonstrated graphically where the father/pilot had several opportunities to avoid disaster, but which he did not take, and which ultimately resulted in their deaths. Don also gave brief presentations on runway and taxiway markings. The presentations ended about 3:30pm EST. For photos from Eddie Price, click the image above.

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