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September Meeting - Gaston Airport (2SC8) - 9/17/2017

TTF group photo taken on 9-17-2017

     We had an excellent meeting today, and an appetizing lunch of pizza, vegetable salad, various beverages, and several delicious desserts. We counted 32 members and guests. Pilots in 9 planes flew in, in addition to the 5 already hangared there. During the business meeting, chapter president, Randy Berry, thanked Don Bledsoe for his generosity in inviting us to his very nice airport, and also thanked the guys hangared there for their part in preparing the hangar for our visit, setting up tables and chairs, and helping to mow the runway and parking areas. He also thanked everyone who brought food, which we had aplenty. One new member, James Murphy, joined our chapter today. Welcome to our chapter, James!

     Minutes from the August 20th meeting previously posted on the website were approved. Leon Strock gave us a financial report, which indicates that our treasury is still very healthy, and even rising over time. Randy elaborated on our meeting format, which basically includes: (1) a lunch, (2) a combined business meeting/discussion portion of 30 minutes or less, and (3) possibly a safety briefing or other presentation. He asked if members had any suggestions for changes to that format, and nobody indicated any. He also commented that he sees four types of chapter activities: (1) monthly meetings, as we had today, (2) a fall, and possibly other, annual chapter fly-ins, (3) occasional Young Eagles rallies, and (4) "just for fun", flying oriented, trips to various airports and other locations. He elaborated further on (4) and asked that individual members help to coordinate more "just for fun" trips, possibly to include lunch or other special events. Essentially, that means that if you're going on a fun trip somewhere, invite others to tag along and be willing to coordinate the trip. As an example, he asked if members might be interested in a "just for fun" (no meeting involved) trip to KFDW soon. Roughly half of attendees indicated an interest. Therefore, Randy will try to set up a future trip with KFDW management, possibly to include a trip to a local restaurant for lunch.

     Randy pointed out that his web hosting fees have recently increased, and he has had to obtain new web design software, so he asked the chapter to approve a slight increase to the chapter website fees next year. He emphasized that he is not making a profit on the website. The fee only covers expenses, and TTF shares the web hosting cost with another organization. The membership overwhelming voted to approve the increase to begin in 2018.

     We briefly touched on the ATC "privatization" bill, known as AIRR (HR2997), currently being considered in Congress. EAA. AOPA, and every other aviation group vehemently opposes this privatization bill, so they have requested that we all contact our legislators and voice our personal opposition to it. We also discussed the recent Triple Tree GA Fly-in and other upcoming aviation events, which you can view at the bottom of the EVENTS page of this website.

     Near the end of the meeting, Safety Advisor, Don Schmotzer cited a recent case in which a pilot had to advise ATC that he was "unable" to comply with an ATC instruction due to what the pilot felt would have resulted in an accident. The pilot asked for the tower's phone number simply to explain his non-compliance not realizing that request would automatically trigger an FAA investigation. Don's major point was to be careful about requesting the phone number of ATC, as it may well result in a similar FAA investigation. Don also gave us several safety tips.

     Our next meeting will likely be at Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert Airpark (SC34) on October 15th. For photos of today's meeting from Eddie Price, click on the group photo at top.

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