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March Meeting - Pelion Airport - 3/20/2016

Leonard Self
Chapter VP, Leonard Self

     Our March meeting was again held at the EMT/Deputy Sheriff substation at Pelion Airport (6J0) on March 20, 2016.  Our guests and members enjoyed a meal of pork loin, smoked chicken, baked beans, pasta salad, slaw, iced tea, cornbread, and strawberry cake provided by Kathy and Leonard Self. Thanks also to Glenn Temples for the banana pudding, Tony Speranza for the cookies. and others who contributed to the meal. Vice-President, Leonard Self, conducted the meeting today in the absence of president, Rusty Nance. Leonard and Kathy Self discussed their recent trip to Puerto Rico on a C-17. The group voted to proceed with a chapter Facebook page. Randy discussed AMEs in the local area who could perform flight physicals, since Dr. Frank Young has retired. Randy also mentioned that he planned to attend Sun-N-Fun Fly-in the whole week of April 4th through April 10th and invited anyone who had an interest in going to let him know. Eddie Price asked if anyone was interested in more chapter shirts or caps. He also reported the sad news that Richard Miranda had passed away and plans for Richard's requested memorial arrangements. Don Schmotzer talked about the new phenomenon of drones. Tony Speranza is a CFI and invited anyone interested in obtaining an instrument rating to let him know. We also discussed the prospect of a fall fly-in at Gilbert International Airpark (GIA), so Randy indicated that he would talk with the officers at GIA about that prospect. Click the thumbnail above to see photos of the meeting.

February Meeting - Pelion Airport - 2/21/2016

Eddie's "President for 2015" Award
Eddie Price's award for his service as chapter president during 2015

     Our February chapter meeting was held at the EMT/Deputy Sheriff substation at Pelion Airport (6J0) on Sunday, February 21st. Randy and Libby Berry provided the main meal of spaghetti, vegetable beef soup, green salad and dressings, rolls, iced tea, birthday cake, and ice cream. Glenn Temples brought banana pudding, Don Schmotzer provided ice and soft drinks, and Leon brought a soft drink and tea. After lunch, Leon presented awards to Eddie Price (see above) and Pelham Moss for their service as president and treasurer, respectively, during 2015. Next, Rusty conducted the business meeting. Leon gave a financial report, which indicates our treasury is very healthy, and the minutes of the January meeting (which are posted in the MEMBERS ONLY area) were approved. After the business meeting, Don Schmotzer gave us a safety presentation and announced that the FAA had contacted him and asked him to be a FAAst (FAA Safety Team) representative, and Don accepted ... quite an honor. He spoke on the fact that GA is "in the crosshairs" of the FAA due to continued instances of "controlled flight into terrain" due to causes such as inadvertent flight into IMC, improper control inputs, inadequate preflight, stalls, spins, inattention/distractions, low level flying, aerobatic maneuvers, equipment failure, and similar other causes. Don also had some FAA handouts for members. Lastly, Rusty gave us a video annotated presentation on his extensive past experience with gyroplanes and his involvement as chief test pilot for 3 years in the CarterCopter program (click for more info), which is still ongoing. We also had a birthday cake with ice cream to celebrate Randy's birthday (Feb. 15th) and Ron Johnson's birthday (Feb. 21st). To view photos of today's meeting by Eddie Price, click on the thumbnail above.

January Meeting - Pelion Airport - 1/17/2016

Eddie & Rusty
2015 President, Eddie Price (left) & 2016 President, Russell Nance (right)

     Our first chapter meeting of 2016 was held at the EMT/Deputy Sheriff substation at Pelion Airport (6J0) on Sunday, January 17th. The weather was a bit cool, windy, and cloudy, but we had a great meeting, nonetheless. Thanks to Leon, Myra, Tony G, Glenn, Kelsie and others who brought food items for the meal.

    Previous 2015 TTF president, Eddie Price (left above), kicked off the meeting by welcoming everyone and then turned over the gavel to new TTF president for 2016, Russell "Rusty" Nance (right above). Randy Berry gave an overview of Rusty's impressive background and credentials. Rusty is a Chief Warrant Officer 5 with a 34 year career as, and still is, a current active SC National Guard member, Apache AH-64 pilot, Standardization Instructor Pilot (SIP) and military Instrument Flight Examiner. He's had numerous deployments including Iraq (twice), Kuwait, Bosnia, Hungary, Germany, and Korea. He is the southern SC National Guard regional standardization officer for 11 southern US states and territories.  On the civilian side, he holds helicopter CFII, gyroplane CFI, and private pilot SEL ratings. Further, he was previous national president of the Popular Rotorcraft Association (see based in Mentone, Indiana for several years in the late 2000's. He also served as chief test pilot on the innovative CarterCopter project for 3 years (see Vice-President, Leonard Self, of Wexford Airpark and Secretary, Kevin Wallace, were officers in 2015 and will continue in those respective positions in 2016. Leon Strock is our new Treasurer for 2016.

    Rusty then proceeded to get minutes for our last meeting in November, 2015 approved, and then gave member, Bud Coward, the floor. Bud is SC Region #2 representative of the SC Aeronautics Commission (SCAC), so he gave us an update on a bill related to funding of local airports (HR4577) through aviation fuel sales, and he asked for our help in contacting our representatives for support on that bill. Next, chapter safety advisor, Don Schmotzer, gave us a safety presentation on "Becoming Too Complacent", citing some examples and scenarios to consider. We then discussed the prospect of having future meetings at various airports in 2016. Everyone agrees that those excursions are great fun which we would like to continue this year. Leon gave us a treasurer's report, indicating that our treasury is very healthy and well into the black. Eddie Price had invested his own funds in 22 new TTF caps and has already sold 12 at the meeting today. He still has some in various colors, so if you don't already have one, you'd better get one fast, as this is likely to be the last batch for awhile. The chapter voted to reimburse Eddie for his expenditure on the caps. Leon Strock also had TTF decals for sale.

    Our next meeting will be on Sunday, February 21st at Pelion Airport (6J0). Randy and Libby Berry volunteered for the meal at that meeting. We'll be announcing plans to hold future meetings at other airports/locations as they are confirmed and the weather warms up a bit. To view photos of today's meeting by Eddie Price, click on the thumbnail above.

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