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March Meeting - 3/18/2012

Don's Presentation on 3-18-2012

     Chapter members enjoyed a relaxed meeting on Sunday, March 18th, 2012. The weather started out rather ominously, but Eddie braved it and flew in before the meeting started. However, it cleared up nicely as the day progressed, so Ron Angerman flew in later as well. Everyone enjoyed a lunch of brats on buns, peppers and onions, condiments, potato chips, iced tea, soft drinks, banana pudding, and cake. Randy and Libby did the cooking. Glenn and Kelsie furnished the banana pudding. We're unsure who provided the cake, but thanks to whoever did.

     After lunch, President, Randy Berry, brought the business meeting to order. Secretary, Libby Berry, read the minutes from the last meeting in January, which were approved. Libby also reported that she has filed our tax exempt status report with IRS for this year, so we're good until 2013. Treasurer, Joe Garner, gave the financial report which indicates that our chapter is in sound financial condition.
Don Bledsoe and Joe Garner reported that they have procured several tables which the chapter can use.  However, we are short of chairs, so we voted to buy 30 more chairs, which Joe will buy with chapter funds. Consequently, we should not need to borrow tables and chairs for future chapter events, as we have in the past.  We decided not to have a spring fly-in this year, since we had the chili fly-in in February. However, we do plan to have a fall fly-in the first weekend in November. Other issues discussed were a third proposed EAA chapter in our local area and having a joint social event at Gilbert Airpark, as we did last year. Libby took orders for chapter shirts. We also discussed upcoming events, including the major Sun-n-Fun and AirVenture fly-ins. Our attendance at Sun-n-Fun will be light, if at all, but several of us plan to attend AirVenture this year.

Safety Advisor, Don Schmotzer, gave us an excellent presentation on "flying in winds" along with other safety tips. He specifically advised us that when landing with a crosswind "to land into the wind on base leg". That way, turns to final are not as steep, more gentle, and we won't be as likely to fall victim to the dreaded "stall/spin accident" on landing, which continues to be one of the leading causes of GA accidents. Also, if the crosswind is too high to the point that it's difficult to keep the plane on the runway, then don't land there ... go to an airport with a better runway, tie it down, and go retrieve it another day.

     The meeting then adjourned and several of us went flying later in the day. Chapter Photographer, Eddie Price, took some excellent photos which you may view by clicking the thumbnail above.

Winter "Chili" Fly-in - 2/11/2012

Chili Bowl

     It was all about chili, airplanes and camaraderie at the Tree Top Flyer's Winter "Chili" Fly-in held on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at Gaston Airport (2SC8). Unfortunately, the weather was not kind to us, so the event turned out to be a "drive-in" rather than a "fly-in". The day was mostly sunny, but a cold front brought winds in the teens to mid-20s (mph) throughout the day, so not a single airplane flew in. However, that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the group. We had plenty of hot chili (7 pots) with trimmings, crackers, wassail, coffee, hot chocolate, cornbread, and several delicious desserts on hand to keep attendee spirits up. The atmosphere was relaxed, and members and guests gathered in small groups inside the hangar and enjoyed nice chats. One group played billiards in the rear. Several members watched "Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag" after the meal. Click the thumbnail above for photos taken by chapter photographer, Eddie Price.

January Meeting - 1/22/2012

Foodscapes Restaurant at Lake City Airport, SC     Hippy Eddie

     Our first chapter meeting of 2012 was held on Sunday, January 22nd at Lexington County at Pelion Airport (6J0). We enjoyed a meal of chili, crackers, iced tea (Leon & Don Schmotzer), two delicious desserts (Glenn & Millie), and various condiments. After the meal, the business meeting was held. President, Randy Berry, welcomed everyone back for another exciting upcoming year. Secretary, Libby Berry, read the minutes from our last meeting in November, which were subsequently approved. Treasurer, Joe Garner, gave the financial report, which indicated that the chapter is in sound financial condition. Randy presented EAA service pins and awards to past officers and members and reported that EAA paperwork for 2012  had been submitted along with a check to EAA for chapter insurance and dues.

     We then discussed our upcoming "chili" fly-in planned for Saturday, February 11th at Gaston Airport (2SC8). Randy reported that insurance for the event has been approved by EAA for the chapter and the airport owners. Several members volunteered to bring their chili recipes and/or desserts. Members also enthusiastically volunteered for fly-in duties, which will be similar to what they have been in the past. In case of bad weather, the alternate date for the event will be the following day, Sunday, February 12th.

     Randy then asked each member to give his/her individual assessment of what they have liked about the chapter in the past, suggestions for improvement, and what they wish to see the chapter accomplish during the upcoming year. Everyone seemed generally pleased with the progress and proceedings of our chapter. Several members commented that they would like to take more flying trips this year, especially to airports where restaurants are located or near. CFII, Neil Deye, agreed to continue as our chapter technical and flight advisor, and Millie will continue as Young Eagles coordinator. ATP, John Pipkin, volunteered to coordinate flight training for the chapter in the future.

     Click either thumbnail above to see photos made by Eddie Price on a trip he later made to Foodscapes on January 30, 2012. David and Daniel Smith, Larry Maner, and Tony Gantt also visited Foodscapes on earlier trips. We also wonder ... d
id Eddie have to use the side door? Smiley

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