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Please read the statement on our COVID-19 precautions below

     Our chapter was forced to cancel a number of meetings in 2020, and again in 2021, due to conditions and restrictions forced upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor McMaster and SCDHEC have provided COVID-19 guidance to all South Carolinians regarding restrictions during the pandemic.  EAA has also provided guidance to EAA chapters. Click here to view that EAA guidance. Fortunately, the governor's orders have not been overly restrictive thus far. Most SC businesses and organizations can now open/operate as long as certain PRECAUTIONS are taken. Consequently, we will do our best to abide by those precautions. The Governor's Executive Orders are full of legal terms and hard to follow, but SCDHEC has published a simplified list of recommended precautions on their website. Click here to see view the SCDHEC guidelines. Here's where you can find the CDC guidelines. Those guidelines are constantly changing, so please keep abreast of them.

     As you know, COVID-19 is a very serious disease, so your attendance at this meeting is ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY. If you are fearful of catching the virus, then we'll understand if you decide not to come.
If you are sick in any way, we request that you please DO NOT COME. If you have any type of underlying health condition(s), we suggest that you consider whether or not you really should come. However, if you are tired of being stuck at home, this is an excellent opportunity to socialize with your like-minded aviation friends. If you do come, I am requesting that you bring and wear a MASK, AT LEAST THROUGH THE SERVING LINE. Also, it's very important to practice SOCIAL DISTANCING and WASH YOUR HANDS often. Those safety measures are intended as much, if not moreso, for the protection of others as for yourself. At least 6 feet is the recommended social distance between individuals.

     Thank you all for for your cooperation and understanding of our predicament during these challenging times. It's the only way we can reasonably and safely resume our chapter activities. State and local regulations are constantly changing, so if there are further restrictions, we may have to curtail our chapter meetings.

Next Meeting - Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) - May 16th, 2021 - 12:00 to 4:00pm EDT

     Our next chapter meeting is planned for Sunday, May 16th, 2021 from 12:00pm until 4:00pm EDT at Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45). Members and guests start arriving, socializing and setting up food from about noon until 1:00pm. Lunch is normally served from 1:00pm until 2:00pm. The business/information meeting starts around 2:00pm and normally ends by 2:30pm.  If we have any presentations, they will begin about 2:30pm and should end around 3:00pm. Members depart in aircraft and automobiles, others continue socializing afterwards, and some watch planes depart from 3:00pm until as late as 4:00pm. Obviously, specific times may vary somewhat.

     Jim Streeter has volunteered to supply BBQ and hash for the luncheon for around 70 members/guests at our May meeting. Jim is a "master BBQ judge" certified by the SC BBQ Association, so he knows his BBQ. He'll also bring several sauces, including mustard, vinegar-pepper, and tomato based.  If you want others, please bring them. So, get there early to ensure that you get some delicious BBQ. He asks that other members provide complementary dishes. If you wish to bring a food item, let Randy know, and he will post it in the menu below and give you credit for doing so. See the menu below for food items for which members have volunteered already, and check back periodically for menu updates.

    Our chapter was recently selected by EAA to be a Ray Scholarship chapter for 2021. It's quite an honor for our chapter to have been selected out of the thousand or so EAA chapters, due largely to the efforts of chapter member, Albert Hibpschman. Being a Bronze recognition award chapter in 2019 also helped our case. Unfortunately, due to a technicality from EAA, we had to change our Ray Scholarship Coordinator, so Larry Philbin has agreed to assume that role. That is certainly no reflection on Albert's efforts. He's done a great job and will likely still be involved in the program as a CFI. Albert won't be able to attend this meeting due to his work schedule, but Jeanette Hibpshman will give us an update on Albert's activities as our chapter Flight Advisor and previous efforts as our Ray Scholarship Coordinator.

     A great deal of this meeting will be devoted to discussions regarding the Ray Scholarship. If you know a youth who might wish to apply for a Ray scholarship, who is between the ages of 16 and 19, and who is enthusiastic about aviation and this opportunity, let Larry know immediately. We have very few applicants thus far, so Larry has decided to move the date up. He will give us a report on the Ray Scholarship program at this meeting, and will likely allow the applicants to introduce themselves. Note that there are stringent requirements for the successful applicant, as well as for the chapter. Our selection will reflect both on the chosen candidate and the chapter and likely determine if we get a chance to select another candidate in future years. For further information about the requirements to apply for a Ray Scholarship, click here. Incidentally, this is NOT a monetary grant to the candidate. It's a grant that will be administered through the chapter in stages. If successful, the applicant will get a PPL, SPL, or glider pilot rating out of it, NOT money.

     Safety Advisor, Don Schmotzer, has a brief presentation on "Carburetor Heat & Icing". Immediately after the business/information meeting, Larry Philbin plans to have a VMC meeting on "proper fuel grounding". If we have time, we may show the May EAA video and discuss experiences at the Sun-N-Fun Fly-in at KLAL on April 13th-18th. If you have other items you'd like to add to the agenda, let Randy know. Check back here about a week or so prior to the meeting for further updates.

Lunch Menu


BBQ & Hash (for about 70) - Jim Streeter
Buns (for sandwiches) - Debbie & Larry Philbin
Rice (for the hash) - Libby & Randy
Green Beans (large crockpot) - Libby & Randy
Slaw - Libby & Randy
Bread & Butter Pickles - Sherry & John Smith
Baked Beans - Debra & Dave Hardy
Macaroni & Cheese - Debbie & Larry Philbin

Tea (Diet Sweet, 1 gallon) - Randy & Libby Berry
Key Lime Pie - Debra & Dave Hardy
Strawberry Cake - Debbie & Larry Philbin
A Dessert - Sherry & John Smith
A Dessert - Debra & Dave Hardy
Diet Coke & Sprite - Debbie & Larry Philbin
Tea (Diet Sweet) - Libby & Randy Berry
Tea (Unsweet) - Debbie & Larry Philbin
Tea (Decaf) - Debra & Dave Hardy
Cokes - Debra & Dave Hardy
Sodas - Mike Moore
Ice (40 lbs) - Randy & Libby Berry

Tea & Beverages - Anyone Else?
Desserts (need more) - Who Else?
Other Food items - Anyone?

Bowls, Plates, Plasticware, Serving Utensils, Paper Towels - Debbie, Libby, Ron, Others

Green - Agreed to provide
Gray - Unconfirmed, but probably

Red - Need volunteers

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