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Next Meeting - September 30th, 2018 - Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) - 1:00-3:00pm

Notice: This meeting was originally scheduled for Sunday, September 16th, but has been postponed until September 30th due to landfall of Hurricane Florence.

     Our next chapter meeting will be held on Sunday, September 30th, 2018 in Ron Angerman's hangar at Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) beginning at 1:00pm EDT with lunch. Ron's hangar is the largest hangar located about mid-field at the airpark. Aircraft parking is on the southside under the trees. Automobile parking will be along Downwind Leg Road (off the pavement please).

     For lunch, we plan to have a "smorgasboard" of food provided by members. So, please consider bringing a main or complementary dish, breads, desserts, ice or beverages (e.g. tea, soft drinks). If you will let Randy know, he will post it in the LUNCH MENU below.

     We'll have our normal business meeting after everyone finishes eating around 2:00pm or just before, which we plan to last 30 minutes or less, perhaps a bit longer depending on member reports and discussion. If you have an item for the agenda, please let Randy know. Check here about a week prior to the meeting for further details. One item that we'll likely be voting on is the purchase of an HD TV for viewing future videos and presentations.

     NOTE: We've now finished reviewing all 7 DVDs of the "Sporty's Instrument Rating Course" in the terminal building at 6J0. However, if you are interested in viewing and checking them out one at a time for a week at a time, we have a procedure for that, which we've announced in a previous chapter email and at the August meeting. For a complete description of the course, click the icon below:

Lunch Menu
Taco Soup - Debbie & Larry
Chicken Noodle Soup - Randy & Libby
Vegetable Beef Soup - Jim Streeter
Crunchy Asian Slaw - Debbie & Larry
Pumpkin Cake - Debbie & Larry
Magic Cookie Bars - Debbie & Larry
Ice & Tea (diet sweet) - Jim Streeter
Tea (1 gallon, diet sweet) - Randy & Libby
Cooked Vegetables - Glenn & Kelsie
Banana Pudding - Glenn & Kelsie
Bowls, Plates, Eating Utensils, Paper Towels - Debbie, Larry, Randy, Libby
Cornbread, Rolls, Crackers, Other Snacks (for soup) - Who?
Other Beverages - Who?
Other Desserts - Who?

Green - Plan to bring
Gray - Probably will bring

Red - Need volunteers

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events in 2018

All chapter meeting dates are on Sunday, unless otherwise noted.
All chapter activities, dates, times and locations are tentative and subject to change.
Date(s) Description Time(s) Location Click for More
Click Red Arrow at Right See "Breakfast Club" Schedule 9am - Noon Click Red Arrow at Right for
Dates & Locations
Right Arrow
Sept. 16, 2018 EAA 1467 September Meeting 1pm-3pm Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) Right Arrow
Sept. 22, 2018 Black Tie Fly-in (free lunch, drawing, prizes) 11am-3pm Allendale County Airport (KQX) Right Arrow
Sept. 29, 2018 EAA 1367 Fall Fly-in (spot landing, lunch available, drawing, prizes) 8:30am-Until Orangeburg Municipal Airport (KOGB) Right Arrow
Oct. 5-7, 2018 VAA Region 3 Fly-in Each Day Woodward Field Airport (KCDN) Right Arrow
Oct. 20, 2018 EAA 242 Aerofest (B-17, tailwheel, unique homebuilts) All Day Hamilton-Owens Airport (KCUB) Right Arrow
Oct. 21, 2018 EAA 1467 October Meeting 1pm-3pm Buckeye Farms (Gardner home & airstrip near Williston, SC) N33.3725
Nov. 3, 2018 EAA1467 Fall Fly-in (free lunch, drawing) 9am-4pm Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) Right Arrow
Nov. 10, 2018 EAA 1467 Fall Fly-in (rain date in case of bad weather) 9am-4pm Gilbert International Airpark (SC45) Right Arrow
Nov. 18, 2018 EAA 1467 Election Meeting 1pm-3pm Lexington County Airport (6J0) Right Arrow
Black = Aviation Event
Red = Next Scheduled Chapter Event(s)

Green = Planned Chapter Meeting
Orange = Chapter Fly-in
Brown = Holiday (or) Other Event
Light Gray = Already Held