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Next Meeting - November 18th, 2018 - Lexington County Airport (6J0) - 1:00-3:00pm

     Our next chapter meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 18th, 2018 at Lexington County Airport (6J0) beginning at 1:00pm EST. We're planning to have hamburgers and brats for lunch. Depending on the weather forecast, we'll decide whether to cook them beforehand and bring them to the meeting or grill them the day of the meeting. If the weather is decent, we'll plan to grill them over at one or more of the hangars prior to the meeting, so plan to come around noon to socialize around the grill, if you wish. Otherwise, plan to meet at the EMT Building by 1:00pm. See the lunch menu below, and let me know what you can bring.

     This will be our ELECTION meeting. If you would like to run for an officer position, contact Don Schmotzer as soon as possible. Don will be taking nominations and conducting the election. Consequently, this meeting may last a bit longer than our normal 30 minutes.  After the elections and meeting, we may have a 20-30 minute EAA video presentation on the 55" UHD TV which we just purchased, probably the one containing highlights of "Airventure 2018". Check here about a week prior to the meeting for further details.

     Also, unless we decide differently, this will be our last meeting of 2018 due to the upcoming holidays, so if you haven't done so yet, please plan to pay your 2019 membership dues at the meeting (or at least by December 31st) in order to get the reduced rate. The reason we ask for dues prior to the ending of the current year is because our EAA dues and insurance come due in early January, 2019, even BEFORE our first chapter meeting of the new year.

NOTE: We've now finished reviewing all 7 DVDs of the "Sporty's Instrument Rating Course" in the terminal building at 6J0. However, if you are interested in viewing and checking them out one at a time for a week at a time, we have a procedure for that, which we've announced in a previous chapter email and at the August meeting. For a complete description of the course, click here.

Lunch Menu

amburgers & Buns - Randy &  Libby
Brats & Buns - Debbie & Larry
Peppers & Onions (for brats) - Libby & Randy
Lettuce, Tomato, Sliced Onion - Debbie & Larry
Condiments (Catsup, Mustard, Mayo, Relish) - Debbie & Larry
Chips - Debbie & Larry
Plates, Plasticware, Paper Towels - Randy & Libby, Debbie & Larry
Baked Beans - Randy & Libby (maybe Leon too)
Container of Ice - Jim & Dave Streeter
Cookies & Another Dessert - Debbie & Larry
Banana Pudding - Glenn & Kelsie
2-liter Diet Pepsi - Glenn & Kelsie
Diet Sweet Tea (1 gallon) - Randy & Libby
Couple Soft Drinks - Don Schmotzer

More Chips or Munchies - Who?
Other Desserts - Who?
Other Complementary Items - Who?
Beverages (Tea, Soft Drinks) - Who?

Green - Agreed to bring
Gray - Probably will bring

Red - Need volunteers

Upcoming Events

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Events in 2018

All chapter meeting dates are on Sunday, unless otherwise noted.
All chapter activities, dates, times and locations are tentative and subject to change.
Date(s) Description Time(s) Location Click for More
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Nov. 18, 2018 EAA 1467 Election Meeting (last meeting of 2018) 1pm-3pm Lexington County Airport (6J0) Right Arrow
Dec.8, 2018 Allendale Christmas Fly-in 11am-2pm Allendale County Airport (KAQX) Right Arrow
Black = Aviation Event

Green = Planned Chapter Meeting
Brown = Holiday (or) Other Event
Light Gray = Already Held