Steve Preston

     Steve Preston came to us from northeast Tennessee and joined our chapter as a member in November of 2011. We welcome Steve and his family to our area. Here is his background in his own words:

     "In 1965 I earned the Private Pilot rating. Over the succeeding years, I have flown Cessna 150’s, 152’s, and 172’s from all of the places I have lived -- Georgia, New Jersey (briefly, ) Oklahoma, Idaho, and Tennessee. In the fall of 2011, my wife and I moved to Lexington, SC.


     A new friend in 1999 introduced me to the world of ultralight flying by taking me to AirVenture at Oshkosh. For the next two years I vigorously researched and learned about the different types and makes of ultralight aircraft. In August 2001, I purchased a single seat homebuilt 1983 CGS Hawk near Augusta, Georgia, and flew it home to Northeast Tennessee. In succeeding years I helped two friends find, evaluate, purchase, and maintain Hawks. I have flown many hours in Hawks—low and slow, enjoying the experience and looking over the countryside of Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina in the edge of the Appalachian Mountains. What a wonderful privilege! Now I am beginning to get acquainted with central SC from the air.


     The July week of AirVenture continued to be an annual trip for several of us pilots and aviation buffs from my church congregation. Another great aviation-centered trip for us was to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in December 2003. We went to the Centennial of Flight Celebration at Kitty Hawk."

     Here are some photos of Steve and his CGS Hawk light sport aircraft. Incidentally, he flew it from northeast Tennessee and over the mountains to Gilbert Airpark in January of 2012 ... quite an accomplishment. That's Steve at left in the middle photo. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.

At Pike's - 5/15/2010     At Cooper's Fly-in     REA