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Ron Angerman

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    Ron Angerman is a great guy. If you don't believe it, just ask anyone who knows him. His easy going manner and likeable personality are known by all. 

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    Ron owns a large hangar at Gilbert International Airpark. He is a hard worker too who is constantly "taking care of business" as an electrical contractor who owns his own business. He's wired hundreds of houses. He combines his business, home, and hobbies all in this huge 80' x 100' hangar (the road side above). 


    Above, Ron is shown in his great looking Hawk sport plane. Left, Ron waves bye as he breaks ground while attending a local flying event. Center Left: Ron beside the Hawk. Center Right: Ron in the Hawk. Right: He circles back overhead after takeoff.  Is that your jet stream, Ron?

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    At top left, Ron is shown with his very nice Harley Davidson motorcycle. At top right is Ron's latest aircraft, a Piper PA-17 Vagabond. Ron is now training in the Vagabond and plans to work towards earning his private pilot license in coming months.

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  Even when Ron is not out working on his regular job, you will usually find him working on some project inside his hangar. He has recently been working on the massive doors for his hangar. Above, Ron is shown at the back of his hangar (the runway side) with door frame in place. He hopes to put the "skins" on the door soon and get it operational. He has also recently installed a fireplace inside.