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Joe Garner

Joe Garner     Joe Garner & Don Bledsow

     Joe Garner (left above) is listed as airport manager at Gaston Airport (2SC8).  He and airport owner, Don Bledsoe (left above), are also in the trucking business together.  They both fly the Cessna 152 shown in the photo at top right. Joe is currently a student pilot under the tutelage of CFI, John Pipkin. Although a student pilot, Joe has much flying experience already. He routinely flies in the local area and has made several trips to airports across South Carolina, including controlled airports, and most recently had a unique experience with in-flight icing. He plans to get his private pilot license soon. Good luck, Joe! He is also an avid Clemson fan, race car fan, and motorcycle rider.  If you don't believe it ... just ask him ... but be prepared for the answer Small Smiley Laughing

The song playing in the background is "Born to Be Wild"