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Jimmy Berry

    Jimmy Berry is a private pilot, fixed wing, SEL. He also flew "second seat" occasionally several years back in the Shrine's twin-engine Baron engaged in transporting burned children to the Shrine Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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    Jimmy, Kay (wife), and Randy (brother) recently went on a trek to Lincoln, California from August 31 through September 13, 2007 to pick up Jimmy's Baby Ace plane (shown above). Its a Baby Ace Model D with Continental 75hp engine. Jimmy picked up the plane on his birthday, September 6th. They saw many interesting sites during the trip. 

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    Jimmy also owns a Kolb Firestar with Full Lotus monofloat system, shown above. It has a Rotax 503 engine.

Jimmy's Hangar

    Jimmy and Kay own a lot at Gilbert Airpark, and he has nearly completed building his hangar. The above photo was taken March 4th, 2008.