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Jim Summers

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     Jim Summers (aka "Aerostar") is our past club Treasurer. He served us well. Jim now has his own hangar at a private strip near Sumter, SC, so we don't see him as often as we once did. We hear that he and son-in-law, Chris Yanish, fly there often.

     Jim is also known for his culinary arts amongst club members ... having fixed many delicious meals for members on many previous Sunday evenings after our flights. We had some great times doing that! Thanks Jim for all those delicious meals you provided!

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Above, Jim is shown with his new Aerolite Sport 103 ... as of May 1st, 2005. It's a beauty ... as you can see.

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Left  and right side views of the Aerolite.


Jim's previous plane, a Kolb Twinstar, is shown above.  Jim flew this plane for several years, did some training as a BFI, and had many great flights in it. The photo at left was taken at a fly-in at Holly Hill, SC in 2004. At right, Jim and his wife, Diane, are shown just before takeoff for an evening flight.