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Fred Addison

    Fred Addison has been an avid remote controlled hobbyist in aircraft and boating for years. That led to his interest in ultralight, and then light sport, aircraft. He is a widower with 3 grown children. He owns a hearing aid business in the West Columbia area. He also likes to fly remote control planes. Below are some photos of Fred with his beautiful Challenger aircraft, which he has nicknamed "Big Booga", so it seemed appropriate to include a MIDI named "Boogieman" playing in the background Smiley

Fred Close Up    Fred Left Frontal    Fred Left Rear    Fred In Plane

Fred also owns the beautiful and award winning Cushman Eagle motor scooter shown below. He customized it himself! He rode it from his home to the airport, where these photos were taken at our May 25th meeting.

Cushman Eagle Left    Cushman Eagle Right