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Bruce Harrison

Bruce Harrison now has earned his private pilot license, fixed wing, SEL. He owns and routinely flies the Cessna 150 shown below.

Bruce's Cessna 150

    Before that, Bruce built several Kolb Firestars. His latest creation was the one shown below ... but which he has since sold. This was his fourth (or fifth?) Firestar, so he was quite good at it.


     Above left, Bruce gets in some quality late evening flying time; the wind had subsided and the sunset was spectacular. This photo was actually taken in late July, before the windshield and front pod were installed. Above right, he takes it around "the patch".

    Here's one of his wings prior to covering. He did it the hard way too ... with parts and pieces from various sources.


    Bruce has made quite a name for himself over the past few years doing fabric covering for himself, members and others.  Above left, he is shown finishing up a RANS S-10 wing for a friend.  It entailed rib stitching and the works! Above right, he is shown after the wing had been silver coated for UV protection. Next comes the white outer coatings. He says he enjoys this type of work. If you don't like doing your own covering, see Bruce ... he just may be willing to negotiate!

Covering Seminar 6-20-09 - Photo #1     Covering Seminar 6-20-09 - Photo #2     Covering Seminar 6-20-09 - Photo #3     Covering Seminar 6-20-09 - Audience

     Bruce has made several presentations on fabric covering and paint stripping in the past.  He is shown above giving a forum on "fabric covering & patching" at our chapter fly-in on June 20, 2009 in which he actually covered a wheel strut during the presentation. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Bruce!